Engine Conversion Specific Applications

West Coast Fiero (WCF) has been a respected and recognized name in the Fiero community for many years, and for good reason. WCF has consistently produced some of the most comprehensive and high-quality kits available for Fiero engine swaps.


From the most common 3800 conversions to the more rare Northstar conversions, WCF has a wide range of experience and expertise. They have successfully completed a variety of engine swap projects, demonstrating their versatility and commitment to quality.


One of the key advantages of choosing WCF is their comprehensive kit offerings. For those who are ready to commit to a full engine swap, WCF offers complete kits at a 10% discount when purchased all at once. These kits include everything that is required to transform your Fiero from a project in the garage to a road-ready reality.


Each kit is meticulously curated to ensure it includes all the necessary components for the engine swap. This includes options for brake kits and exhaust systems, allowing for customization based on individual preferences and requirements.


Choosing to purchase a full kit can lead to significant cost savings. In fact, opting for a complete kit can result in total savings of over $1000. This not only makes the engine swap more affordable but also ensures you have everything you need to turn your dream car into a reality.


In conclusion, WCF stands out in the Fiero community for their thorough and high-quality engine swap kits. Their experience, comprehensive offerings, and commitment to customer satisfaction make them a top choice for anyone considering a Fiero engine swap. Whether you’re looking at a 3800 or a Northstar conversion, WCF has the knowledge, resources, and products to help you successfully complete your project.

The 3800 engine conversion is popular due to its balance of power and efficiency. It involves replacing the original engine with a 3800 series V6 engine, known for its robust performance and reliability. This conversion requires a detailed understanding of the engine’s specifications, the vehicle’s compatibility, and significant modifications to the vehicle’s existing setup.

The 3.4 engine conversion is another common choice for Fiero owners. This engine, also known as the 5VZ-FE, is a larger displacement engine that provides a noticeable increase in power and torque. This conversion involves a series of modifications, including changes to the engine mounts, exhaust system, and computer programming.

The 4.9 engine conversion involves installing a larger, more powerful engine into the Fiero. This engine, often sourced from Cadillac vehicles, offers a significant increase in power. However, it requires extensive modifications to the vehicle, including changes to the engine mounts, exhaust system, and drivetrain. It may also require adjustments to the vehicle’s suspension and braking systems to accommodate the increased power.

The most performance application money can buy after the Northstar. It packs a punch 305 horse power which only grows with a supercharger or turbocharger. 

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