Cam/Crank SENSOR Plugs


In the process of converting a Fiero, the camshaft and crankshaft sensors, which are typically integral components in most modern internal combustion engines, are not utilized. These sensors are responsible for monitoring the positions of the camshaft and crankshaft, which are crucial for many of the engine’s functions.

However, in the context of a Fiero conversion, these sensors are deemed unnecessary and are therefore not included in the conversion process. This might be due to the specific requirements or design of the Fiero engine conversion that renders these sensors redundant.

Despite the non-utilization of these sensors, their absence leaves unused holes in the engine block where they would typically be installed. These vacant holes could potentially lead to issues such as oil leaks or the ingress of unwanted debris.

To address this issue, the WCF Cam/Crank SENSOR Plugs are employed. These are specially designed plugs that fit into the unused holes left by the absent cam and crank sensors. The primary function of these plugs is to fill these holes, thereby preventing any potential issues that could arise from these open ports.

The use of these plugs significantly reduces the hassle for those undertaking the conversion. Without these plugs, individuals would have to go through the trouble of locating or purchasing sensors that fit these holes, only to serve the purpose of plugging them. With the WCF Cam/Crank SENSOR Plugs, this inconvenience is effectively eliminated, making the Fiero conversion process smoother and more efficient.

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