3800 AC Accessories

West Coast Fiero (WCF) provides its customers with two distinct options when it comes to 3800 engine swaps. The first option includes an air conditioning (AC) system, while the second option is without an AC system.


The choice between these two options largely depends on the customer’s intended use of the car. For those who prioritize comfort, especially in warmer climates, the option with the AC system would be the ideal choice. This option ensures a cool and comfortable driving experience, regardless of the outside temperature.


On the other hand, customers who are more performance-oriented might prefer the option without the AC system. Removing the AC system can lead to a slight increase in the car’s performance. This is because the AC system, when in use, places an additional load on the engine, which can slightly reduce the power available for driving. By opting for an engine swap without the AC system, customers can maximize the performance of their 3800 engine.

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