Air Conditioning (AC) Delete


The West Coast Fiero Air Conditioning (A/C) Delete bracket is a specialized component designed for those who wish to remove the air conditioning pump from their vehicle. This bracket serves as a replacement for the air conditioning pump, and it has been specifically engineered to maintain the original belt routing on the engine.

The purpose of this bracket is to allow for the removal of the air conditioning pump without disrupting the existing configuration of the engine’s belt system. This is particularly beneficial for those who want to eliminate the air conditioning system from their vehicle, perhaps for reasons of efficiency, weight reduction, or simplicity, while still preserving the integrity of the engine’s design.

One of the key features of the West Coast Fiero A/C Delete bracket is that it comes with a pulley. This pulley is an integral part of the bracket and plays a crucial role in ensuring that the belt continues to function correctly after the air conditioning pump has been removed. The inclusion of the pulley with the bracket provides a complete solution for those looking to delete their air conditioning system while maintaining the stock belt routing on the engine. This makes the process of removing the air conditioning pump much simpler and more straightforward.

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