3800 Transmission and Accessories

West Coast Fier0 (WCF) provides a wide array of transmission installation options specifically tailored for 3800 Fiero engine conversions. Their offerings are not limited to just the basic necessities but extend to high-performance solutions designed to enhance the overall efficiency and power of your vehicle.


One of their standout offerings includes high-performance pressure plates. These are engineered to handle the increased power output of the 3800 engine, ensuring smooth and efficient power transfer from the engine to the transmission. The pressure plates are designed to withstand high stress and heat conditions, thereby providing an added layer of reliability to your engine conversion.


In addition to pressure plates, West Coast Fiero also provides transmission mounting hardware. This includes all the necessary components required to securely install the transmission to the vehicle’s chassis. The mounting hardware is made from high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity, even under harsh driving conditions.

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