3800 Series I, II, and III

At WCF, the top-selling product line is the 3800 engine swap kits, and it’s not hard to understand why. These kits are the result of extensive experience and hands-on expertise in the field of engine conversion. Numerous engine swaps, each with its unique configuration, have been personally overseen and executed in WCF’s own facilities.

Every component of the kits, from the mounts and brackets to the smallest hardware, has been meticulously prototyped and rigorously tested on the road. This ensures that the products not only meet but exceed industry standards in terms of quality and durability.

The design process at WCF is dynamic and responsive. As new engine conversions arrive at the shop, the designs are continually refined and adapted to meet these evolving needs. This approach has resulted in engine swap kits that offer the best fitment found in the market.

Moreover, WCF believes that top-quality products should not come with an exorbitant price tag. That’s why the 3800 engine swap kits are priced competitively, making them the most cost-effective solution for engine conversion needs. With WCF, customers get unparalleled quality without breaking the bank.

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