Series II & III 3800 Reman Flywheel


The Series II & III 3800 Reman Flywheel is a critical component in the Camaro and Firebird. This flywheel has undergone a process known as re-machining, which involves modifying its original structure to make it compatible with the 3800 Fiero conversions.

Before the re-machining process begins, the flywheel has a weight of 22 pounds. However, to ensure that the clutch fits properly into the Fiero transmission, a significant amount of material – approximately 6 pounds – is removed from the facing of the flywheel. This reduction in weight is a crucial step in the re-machining process, as it allows for the necessary adjustments to be made for the Fiero transmission.

The bolt pattern of the re-machined flywheel is designed to align perfectly with the stock Fiero bolt pattern. This ensures a seamless fit and optimal performance. In addition, the crankshaft bolt pattern is specifically designed for the Series II Supercharged and normally aspirated engines. This compatibility is essential for the proper functioning of these engines.

To facilitate the installation process, the flywheel comes with bolts. These bolts are specifically designed for this flywheel and ensure a secure and stable installation. The inclusion of these bolts simplifies the installation process, making it more convenient for the user.

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