LS4 Engine Mounts and Brackets

West Coast Fiero (WCF), a distinguished entity in the realm of automotive engineering, has meticulously crafted a comprehensive installation kit tailored for LS4 Fiero engine conversions. This kit is the fruit of rigorous development and testing, and its effectiveness is well-documented in a multitude of successful engine conversion endeavors.

The installation of this kit does demand a degree of fabrication expertise. However, once the retrofitting phase is accomplished, these mounts provide a user-friendly interface that significantly simplifies the transaxle installation process into a Fiero. This ease of installation opens up the world of engine conversions to a wider audience of car enthusiasts.

In addition, these mounts are made from urethane, a material renowned for its outstanding durability. Urethane mounts are designed to endure extreme conditions and extended use without sacrificing their structural integrity or performance. This ensures that your Fiero is equipped with a robust and reliable mounting solution that is built to last.

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