LS4 F40/F23 Transmission Bracket Kit


The West Coast Fiero LS4 F40/F23 Transmission Bracket Kit is a comprehensive package that includes all the necessary components to securely mount your new LS4 engine and manual transmission into your Fiero. The kit is designed with precision and attention to detail, ensuring a seamless fit for models from 1984 to 1988 and you can enjoy your new LS4 swap.

The kit contains:

  1. Engine Mount and Bracket: This is the main support structure that holds the engine in place. It is designed to fit perfectly with the LS4 engine, ensuring stability and alignment.
  2. Right and Left Transmission Mounts and Brackets with Starter Mount: These are specialized mounts that secure the transmission to the vehicle’s frame. They come with an integrated starter mount, providing a secure and stable platform for the starter motor.

These four mounts have been specifically designed to facilitate the installation of an LS4 engine and transmission into your Fiero. However, it’s important to note that the installation process requires some modifications and additional work:

  1. Welding: The two front engine brackets require welding for installation. This ensures a strong, secure fit that can withstand the stresses of driving.
  2. Sub-frame Modification: The LS4 engine’s oil filter requires additional clearance, necessitating modification to your sub-frame. This involves removing some material from the sub-frame.
  3. Additional Welding: After modifying the sub-frame for oil filter clearance, it’s recommended to weld additional material in place to reinforce the sub-frame where material was removed.
  4. Frame Strengthening Hardware: To further enhance the strength and integrity of the frame after modification, additional frame strengthening hardware is available upon request. This hardware comes at an additional charge but provides extra support and durability to your vehicle’s frame.

The West Coast Fiero LS4 F40/F23 Transmission Bracket Kit is designed to provide a robust and secure installation of your LS4 engine and manual transmission, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of your Fiero. Please note that due to the modifications required, it’s recommended that the installation be carried out by a professional or someone with significant mechanical experience.

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