LS4 4T65EHD Mount and Bracket Kit


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The West Coast Fiero LS4 4T65EHD Mount and Bracket Kit is a specialized product, meticulously designed to facilitate the installation of an LS4 engine and transmission into a Fiero model from the years 1984-1988. This kit is a comprehensive solution that provides the necessary components for a seamless integration of the LS4 engine into the Fiero’s existing structure.

The kit includes two front engine brackets. These brackets are crucial for securing the LS4 engine in place. However, their installation is not a simple bolt-in process. Welding is required to ensure a robust and secure fit. This means you’ll need to have access to welding equipment and possess the necessary welding skills, or seek the help of a professional welder.

In contrast, the transmission mounting brackets included in the kit are designed for a bolt-in installation. This means they can be attached using standard tools, making this part of the installation process more straightforward.

However, it’s important to note that installing this kit will require modification to your Fiero’s sub-frame. This is necessary to create enough clearance for the oil filter on the LS4 engine. The modification involves removing some material from the sub-frame.

After the material has been removed from the sub-frame to accommodate the oil filter, it’s recommended to weld additional material in place to support the sub-frame. This is to ensure the structural integrity of the sub-frame is maintained after the modification.

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