Shortened Shifter


Experience a more efficient and swift gear shifting experience with less throw. This can be achieved by replacing the cumbersome, long-throw factory shifter lever with the West Coast Fiero Shortened Shifter. This is a custom-made short-throw shift lever, specifically designed to enhance your driving experience by reducing the distance your hand needs to move when changing gears.

The West Coast Fiero Shortened Shifter is compatible with a standard Fiero knob, providing a seamless integration with your existing setup. However, it doesn’t limit you to just the standard knob. The shifter comes with a custom thread pitch that is designed to accept aftermarket shift knobs. This means you can customize your gear shifting experience even further with stylish and ergonomic knobs from renowned brands such as Momo, Boyds, Hurst, and more.

One of the standout features of the West Coast Fiero Shortened Shifter is its adaptability. Each shifter is manufactured to your custom specifications. You can specify the length and thread diameter that best suits your driving style and comfort. This level of customization ensures that your shifter will feel like a natural extension of your hand, providing you with an enhanced driving experience. Enjoy the open road with quicker shifts and less throw with the West Coast Fiero Shortened Shifter.

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