Harmonic Balancer for 60 Degree V6


The West Coast Fiero Harmonic Balancer is a specialized component designed for the 60 Degree V6 engine, specifically the 3.4 model. This balancer is intended to replace the 2.8 harmonic balancer on the Fiero engine, which is no longer available for purchase anywhere else.

In terms of design and functionality, this balancer is identical to the 2.8 version, with one key difference: the positioning of the timing marks. On the West Coast Fiero Harmonic Balancer, these marks are not in the same location as on the 2.8 version.

To address this, we inscribe a new timing mark on the balancer in the correct location. Additionally, we inscribe a Top Dead Center (TDC) marking. This is done to prevent any confusion that might arise due to the presence of other marks.

It’s important to note that attempting to copy the timing mark from the old 2.8 balancer is not recommended. Over time, the outer ring of the old balancer tends to detach from the inner ring. This detachment is a result of the aging process and it causes the timing mark to shift.

This shift in the timing mark can lead to incorrect spark timing in the engine. As engines age, this issue becomes more prevalent. Therefore, the use of the West Coast Fiero Harmonic Balancer, with its correctly positioned timing mark, is crucial for maintaining the proper operation of the engine.

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