Engine Compartment Insulation


The West Coast Fiero Engine Compartment Insulation is a product designed to enhance the performance and aesthetics of your Fiero’s engine compartment. By replacing the old, disintegrating fiber insulation in your vehicle, this kit can significantly decrease noise levels and reduce heat transfer to the interior of your Fiero.

One of the key benefits of this insulation kit is its ability to minimize noise. The material used in the construction of this kit is specifically designed to dampen sound, thereby reducing the amount of engine noise that reaches the interior of your vehicle. This can make for a quieter, more comfortable driving experience.

In addition to noise reduction, the West Coast Fiero Engine Compartment Insulation also helps to reduce heat within the vehicle. The insulation works by creating a barrier that helps to prevent heat generated by the engine from reaching the interior of the vehicle. This can help to maintain a more comfortable temperature inside the car, even when the engine is working hard.

The insulation kit is constructed with two layers of closed-cell foam and a ferrite sound-deadening core. The closed-cell foam provides excellent thermal insulation, helping to keep the heat generated by the engine within the engine compartment and away from the vehicle’s interior. The ferrite core, on the other hand, is specifically designed to absorb sound, further enhancing the kit’s noise-reducing capabilities.

Beyond its functional benefits, the West Coast Fiero Engine Compartment Insulation also enhances the appearance of your engine bay. Once installed, the insulation brightens up the engine compartment, giving it a new, clean look. This can make your vehicle more appealing, whether you’re showing it off at a car show or just taking pride in its appearance.

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