Axles and Suspension

In the realm of automotive modifications, the Pontiac Fiero holds a unique place. The process of conversion often necessitates a comprehensive upgrade of the vehicle’s axles. This is primarily to cater to the enhanced power and performance that comes with such modifications.

Take, for example, the instance of swapping in a robust 3800 engine into the Fiero. This isn’t a simple drop-in replacement. It’s an intricate process that often involves the construction of custom axles. These are not your run-of-the-mill components, but meticulously crafted pieces designed to withstand the increased power output and performance demands of the upgraded engine.

At our facility, we understand the complexities involved in such conversions. That’s why we offer a range of custom solutions tailored to your Fiero swap needs. Our options are not just high-quality and performance-oriented, but also accessible, ensuring that your dream of a high-powered Fiero doesn’t remain just a dream. With our assistance, you can transform your Fiero into a machine that truly stands out on the road.

We offer custom, accessible options for your Fiero swap options. 

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