F40 Custom Axles


The F40 transmission, a product of robust engineering and innovative design, has gained significant popularity among Fiero conversion projects. This popularity stems from the F40 transmission’s remarkable ability to handle high horsepower, with a capacity of up to 500hp. This makes it an ideal choice for those looking to enhance the performance of their vehicles through engine swaps. However, integrating the F40 transmission into a Fiero is not a straightforward task. It necessitates the use of custom axles due to the wider and offset differential. This differential is a key component of the transmission system, and its unique dimensions in the F40 transmission require a specific type of axle to ensure a proper fit.

These custom axles are specifically designed to adapt the Fiero spindles to the General Motors automatic transmissions. They are constructed as heavy-duty, 32-spline axle-assemblies made of 1045 shafting material with rolled splines. This construction ensures that they can withstand the high torque produced by the powerful F40 transmission.

We understand that the cost of these custom axles for the F40 transmission conversion is not relatively inexpensive. However, it is important to consider that this is part of the overall cost of the conversion and what it will require to install a conversion. The conversion process also includes other components like the flywheel, clutch, shift cable, and various brackets. Each of these components contributes to the successful integration of the F40 transmission into the Fiero, resulting in a high-performance vehicle that delivers exceptional power and speed.

In conclusion, the F40 transmission offers a compelling option for Fiero conversions due to its high horsepower capacity. However, the process of integrating this transmission requires custom axles and other components, all of which contribute to the overall cost of the conversion. Despite these challenges, the potential performance enhancements offered by the F40 transmission has remained a dependable choice for engine conversions.



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