Shift Cables


West Coast Fiero (WCF) has devoted years to the development of high-performance, reliable Fiero Shift Cables. The original cables produced by the Fiero factory were of commendable quality, crafted from materials capable of withstanding high temperatures.

However, after many years of service, these cables, due to their constant use and exposure to a hot environment, inevitably wear out and eventually seize. This is a common issue we have observed across the industry. Various vendors have attempted to reproduce these cables, but their success rates have varied significantly.

A common issue with most of these reproduced cables is their susceptibility to mechanical failures. This is primarily due to the high temperatures in the engine compartment, which is a direct result of their close proximity to the exhaust manifold. The use of low-grade materials in the construction of these cables further exacerbates this issue.

After testing numerous cables from different manufacturers, we arrived at a disappointing conclusion – they all failed, sooner or later. This led us to embark on extensive research to find a solution to this pervasive problem.

Our research led us to a cable manufacturer that specializes in high-temperature cable assemblies. We entered into a contract with them to manufacture the WCF cables according to our specifications. These specifications include upgraded design features that enhance the durability and performance of the cables.

To validate the durability of the West Coast Fiero Shift Cables, we conducted destructive heat testing. This involved applying a torch directly to the cable and subjecting it to temperatures up to 700 degrees. The WCF cables demonstrated remarkable durability under these extreme conditions.

Based on our extensive research, rigorous testing, and the superior performance of our cables, we confidently assert that the WCF cables are the best on the market. They represent a significant advancement in the field of automotive performance, offering a reliable and durable solution to the common problem of cable failure. We are proud to offer these high-quality cables to our customers, contributing to the enhancement of their driving experience.



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