4.9/4.0 Transmission Accessories

For over a decade, West Coast Fiero (WCF) has been deeply immersed in the intricate process of swapping the 4.9 Cadillac engine into various project Fieros. 

WCF provides a mid-sized range of products and services to facilitate these engine conversions. They offer robust mounting kits designed to ensure a secure and seamless fit of the 4.9 Cadillac and 4.0 Oldsmobile engines into the host vehicle.

In addition, WCF provides a variety of transaxle options to cater to different performance requirements and driving conditions. These options allow customers to customize their vehicles according to their specific needs and preferences.

Moreover, WCF offers an array of performance accessories to enhance the power and efficiency of the 4.9 Cadillac and 4.0 Oldsmobile engine conversions. These accessories are designed to optimize the performance of the engine, thereby improving the overall driving experience.

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