F23/F40 Specific Parts

West Coast Fiero (WCF), a renowned name in the automotive industry, has been instrumental in the development of a comprehensive range of products. These products are specifically designed to facilitate the installation of various transaxles into Fiero engine swaps, a process that involves replacing the original engine of a Fiero with a different one.

The product line from WCF is extensive, catering to a wide array of needs for those undertaking such engine swaps. Each product is meticulously designed and rigorously tested to ensure compatibility and ease of installation.

Among the variety of options available, the F23 and F40 transaxles have emerged as some of the most popular choices for Fiero engine swaps. The F23 is a five-speed manual transaxle that is known for its durability and high performance, making it a preferred choice for many car enthusiasts. On the other hand, the F40 is a six-speed manual transaxle that is praised for its smooth shifting and robust design.

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