F40 WCF Heavy-Duty Transaxle Installation Kit


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F40 Installation Mount and Brackets

At West Coast Fiero, we provide a specialized product known as the F40 Installation Mount and Brackets. This product is specifically designed to facilitate the installation of the F40 transmission into the Fiero.

Shift Cables

West Coast Fiero (WCF) has devoted years to the development of high-performance, reliable Fiero Shift Cables.

Select Cables

The West Coast Fiero Select Cables are designed with material that can withstand high temperatrues for an extended period of time, a testament to the durablity and quality of every product that we produce here at WCF.

The Fiero factory cables were origionally made of good quality, high temperature materials. However, after many years or service, due to constant use and the hot environment, these cables wear out and eventually seize. We have seen different vendors try to reproduce these cables with varying degrees of success. Most of their cables suffer from mechanical failures in a relatively short time due to the high engine compartment temperatures due to the obviously close proximity to exhaust manifold and the use of low-grade materials. After trying numerous cables, we concluded that the results were the same--failure. After extensive research, we contracted a cable manufacturer specializing in high temperature cable assemblies and are having the WCF cables manufactured to our specifications with upgraded design features. Destructive heat testing to 700 degrees with a torch directly applied to the cable has demonstrated the durability of the WCF cables. These are the best cables on the market!



Shift/Select Cable Heat Shield

The WCF Shift/Select Cable Heat Shield protects your shift and select cables from unnecessary heat damage. This prolongs their life, giving you the most bang for your buck.  The heat shield is sold by 1 ft (12") sections.

F40 Custom Axles

The F40 transmission, known for its high horsepower capacity, is popular for Fiero conversions. However, its integration requires custom axles due to the unique dimensions of its differential. Our axles are designed to adapt Fiero spindles to General Motors automatic transmissions, are made of durable 1045 shafting material. Despite the cost of these axles and other components like the flywheel, clutch, and shift cable, the F40 transmission remains a preferred choice for conversions due to the performance enhancements it offers.


Aluminum Flywheel

At West Coast Fiero, we have successfully procured high-performance aluminum flywheels that are specifically designed for use in F40 and F23 transmissions. These transmissions are commonly found in high-performance applications where the efficiency and durability of components are crucial.

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F23 and F40 Clutch Line Adapter

This West Coast Fiero F23 and F40 Clutch Line Adapter is machined out of aluminum rather than the stock platic one (GM12582665). The adapter allows the stock clutch line to be used to operate the F40-F23 throw out bearing with out a bunch of jury rigging. The adapter also comes with a bleeder for easy bleeding.


High-Performance 9-11/16" Pressure Plate

This 9-11/16" diameter pressure plate is the largest diameter we could make fit on a Fiero flywheel. The increased size of this pressure plate makes it ideal for high output engine conversions. This pressure plate is sold separately and will fit all the Fiero transmissions.


Stage 3: 9-11/16" Bronze Ceramic / Bronze Ceramic Clutch Disc

The Stage 3: 9-11/16" Bronze Ceramic / Bronze Ceramic Clutch Disc provided by West Coast Fiero has proven to be a requirement for high performance engine swaps. The bronze ceramic material on both sides provides more grip & less slip, giving you the most out of your engine. This clutch upgrade will hold the horsepower of a 3.8 supercharged and V8 conversion with very little pedal pressure increase. This Stage 3: 9-11/16" Bronze Ceramic / Bronze Ceramic Clutch Disc has the least chatter when it gets hot in comparison to other clutches on the market. This clutch is ideal for the more aggressive driver who plans to be rough on the transmission and clutch. Our tests have shown that this disc will break friction at approximately 360 ft/lbs and hold at approximately 400 ft/lbs of torque.

The F40 WCF Heavy-Duty Transaxle Installation Kit is a comprehensive package that provides all the necessary components for installing the F40 HD transmission into your Fiero conversion. This particular transaxle has been our selection of choice due to its robust design and proven performance in both street and racing applications. It’s built to withstand the rigorous demands and abuse typically associated with racing.

However, it’s important to note that these transaxles are quite expensive and their availability is limited. Despite this, we’ve found that the F40 transaxle offers the best balance between cost and performance, making it the most feasible solution for maintaining an efficient overall installation design.

We also offer a 6-speed transaxle retrofit for the Fiero, which is capable of handling power outputs in excess of 500 horsepower. To adapt this transmission for use with a rear-wheel-drive V8, an adapter is required. The pricing for the transaxle can vary depending on the year and condition of the unit.

For our installations, we utilize an intermediate shaft sourced from an automatic transmission. We’ve found that the support bearing from this shaft works more effectively with our 3800 engine mount.

The collar that we use is specifically designed for the automatic intermediate shaft. It’s also worth noting that the axle seal on the F40 is located in a slightly different position on the shaft compared to other models. This is a minor detail, but it’s important to be aware of it during the installation process.

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