Select Cables


At West Coast Fiero (WCF), we take pride in the exceptional durability and quality of our Select Cables. These cables are meticulously designed with materials that can endure high temperatures for prolonged periods, a feature that stands as a testament to the superior quality of every product we manufacture.

The original cables used in the Fiero factory were made from high-quality, high-temperature materials. However, after years of service, these cables, subjected to constant use and a hot environment, inevitably wear out and eventually seize. This is a common issue we’ve observed across the industry, with various vendors attempting to reproduce these cables with mixed success.

Most replacement select cables on the market tend to suffer from mechanical failures in a relatively short time. This is primarily due to the high engine compartment temperatures, exacerbated by the close proximity to the exhaust manifold, and the use of low-grade materials. After testing numerous cables from different vendors, we found a consistent pattern of failure.

Determined to find a solution, we embarked on extensive research and eventually partnered with a cable manufacturer specializing in high-temperature cable assemblies. We worked closely with them to have the WCF Select Cables manufactured to our exact specifications, incorporating upgraded design features to enhance their durability and performance.

To validate the durability of our WCF Select Cables, we conducted destructive heat testing, subjecting the cables to temperatures up to 700 degrees with a torch applied directly. The cables demonstrated remarkable resilience, further solidifying our confidence in their durability.



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