F23 Shift Adapter


The West Coast Fiero F23 Shift Adapter is a specialized component engineered for enhancing the gear shifting mechanism of Fiero vehicles. This adapter is compatible with both the stock 5-speed and 4-speed Fiero shifters, providing versatility for different transmission types.

The design of this shift adapter includes a custom sifter assembly that is tailored to fit seamlessly within the engine compartment of the Fiero. This ensures a smooth integration with the existing vehicle components and maintains the integrity of the vehicle’s design.

One of the key features of the F23 Shift Adapter is its unique cable routing. Unlike the standard high routing, the cables in this system run low. This design choice can offer benefits such as reduced cable tension and improved shifting performance.

The F23 Shift Adapter also provides the option for new cables. These cables are designed to be replacement types with adjustable ends. This means they can be fine-tuned to fit the specific requirements of your vehicle, ensuring optimal performance. It’s important to note that the cables should match the type shown in the reference picture for proper installation and function.


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