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Chris West

Chris West was born into a family of racers and fabricators. His father, Dave West, built and was the crew chief of the winning Bill Vukovich’s Indy 500 car. Dave left shortly before Bill’s death to become an engineer at Douglas Aircraft. 


Since birth, Chris has had a deep love for cars. Growing up in the Southern California car scene, he has built cars, motorcycles, boats, and other toys that have been published in magazines. Excelling at his fabrication skills, he has worked for big names such as Engle Cams before starting his own business. 


After purchasing his Fiero in 1986, he established West Coast Fiero as a staple in the Fiero community. Starting from word of mouth, he has grown the business to what it is today. Every part has been engineered, fabricated, and  installed by Chris West and the small team at WCF. In 2021, the company lost its longest-standing fabricator and welder, Steve Childress. They miss him dearly and are continuing the business in his honor. 


As Chris ages, he has been slowly passing the business and knowledge down to the next generation. Therefore, they are excited to make the necessary changes to keep WCF relevant. They are grateful for the continued support and look forward to the future.

Steve Childress

The Team

Madison West

Madison West

Chris's daughter and has grown up in the shop. After earning her dual degree in Applied Math and Chemistry, she is ready to help the family business grown and expand.
Josh Blanthrone

Josh Blanthrone

Lead Fabricator and Welder
An Army Veteran and dedicated fabricator, Josh has proven his talent and dedication to WCF. Joining in 2022, he has grown to be the new backbone of WCF and an invaluable memeber.
Austin Monarch

Austin Monarch

Fabricator Apprentice and Admin
A practiced carpenter apprentice, he as decided to give metal fabricating a shot. Though he is new, he is eager to learn and do something different.


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