F23 Transmission Mount and Bracket Kit


The West Coast Fiero F23 Transmission Mount and Bracket Kit is engineered product, specifically designed to be compatible with the F23 Metric bell housing. This kit is versatile and can seamlessly integrate with the 84-87 and 88 subframes. A key feature of this kit is its ability to utilize the stock Fiero axles, thereby preserving the original components of the vehicle.

However, the F23 transmission presents a unique challenge – it cannot be mounted to the Fiero subframe without the use of custom brackets and mounts. To overcome this hurdle, West Coast Fiero provides specially designed mounts and brackets that facilitate the installation of the F23 Getrag into Fieros of all model years. The kit includes a right bracket that employs our transmission mount, and a left bracket that utilizes our left transmission mount. For those who already have our urethane mounts, the brackets can be purchased separately, providing a cost-effective solution.

The F23 transmission is considered the optimal replacement for the Fiero due to its enhanced strength and compatibility with the stock stick shift axles. This robust transmission is capable of handling a significant amount of power, with a rating of 170 ft of torque. This makes it a reliable and efficient choice for enhancing the performance of your Fiero.

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