4.9 Oil Cooler Bypass


The West Coast Fiero 4.9 Oil Cooler Bypass is a specialized component designed to facilitate the bypassing of the 4.9 oil lines that are typically connected to the oil cooler. This becomes a necessity in situations where engine swaps are being performed with the 4.9 engine, and the oil cooler is not being utilized.

In the context of installing the 4.9 engine into a Fiero, the use of an engine oil cooler becomes redundant. This is primarily because the engine does not have to work as hard in a Fiero as it would in a Cadillac, which is its original setting. As a result, the oil temperature does not reach as high levels in the Fiero as it would in the Cadillac, eliminating the need for an oil cooler.

The West Coast Fiero 4.9 Oil Cooler Bypass not only allows for the bypassing of the oil cooler but also ensures a cleaner engine installation process. Despite bypassing the oil cooler, this kit is designed in such a way that it still maintains the proper flow of oil within the engine. This is crucial as it ensures the engine continues to operate efficiently, with the oil circulating properly to lubricate the moving parts and prevent overheating. Thus, this kit provides a streamlined solution for those looking to perform a 4.9 engine swap in a Fiero without the need for an oil cooler.

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