Custom 440-T4 and 4T60 Axles


The West coast Fiero Custom 440-T4 and 4T60 Axles are meticulously engineered and serve as a crucial link between the Fiero spindles and the 440-T4 and 4T60 automatic transmissions, both of which are renowned products of General Motors. These axles are primarily used for engine swaps and replacing the stock GM 125 transmission which can fail overtime. This transmission is an economical choice, but requires these custom axles.

Constructed with an unwavering focus on durability, these axle-assemblies are classified as heavy-duty, a testament to their robustness and ability to withstand demanding conditions. They feature a 32-spline design, a detail that enhances their strength and compatibility with various systems.

The material of choice for these axles is 1045 shafting material, known for its excellent machinability and high tensile strength. This choice ensures that the axles can endure high levels of stress without compromising their structural integrity.

Adding to their unique design, these axles boast of rolled splines. This method of crafting splines involves compressing the material under high pressure, resulting in a denser, stronger spline that can better resist wear and tear that comes with 440-T4 and 4T60 transmission applications.

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