Fiero Front Hubs


For car enthusiasts who have a keen interest in enhancing the performance of their Fieros, we have a special offering – our West Coast Fiero Front Hubs. These are not just any ordinary hubs, but high-performance ones that are designed to meet the needs of those who wish to perform their own brake upgrades.

The West Coast Fiero Front Hubs are brand new and come with new races preinstalled. This means that they are ready to be fitted straight out of the box, saving you the hassle of having to install the races yourself. The preinstalled races are designed to provide smooth and efficient operation, ensuring that your Fiero performs at its best.

One of the reasons why these hubs are a favorite amongst DIY enthusiasts, particularly those undertaking engine swap projects, is their cost-effectiveness. They provide an economical option for those looking to upgrade their brakes without breaking the bank. But it’s not just about the cost. These hubs also offer the freedom to explore more brake options, allowing you to customize your Fiero’s braking system to suit your specific needs and preferences.

It’s worth noting that these hubs are shipped unpainted. This gives you the freedom to paint them in any color you wish, allowing you to match them with the rest of your car or to give your Fiero a unique look. Whether you’re looking to improve your car’s performance or to give it a personal touch, our West Coast Fiero Front Hubs are the perfect choice.

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