Engle Cam Installation Kit


Custom ground for West Coast Fiero, the WCF High performance Engle Cam Installation Kit will drop into any 60 degree GM V6. This will fit your 2.8, 3.1 and 3.4 engine.

This Engle camshaft was specially ground to maintain intake manifold vacuum at idle to enable the MAP sensor to operate properly at idle and to maintain Power Brake vacuum. It adds
more performance throughout the entire RPM range with longer duration and higher cam
lift. The upper limit of the WCF61 cam is approximately 6,000 RPM, depending on other
engine modifications, i.e. headers, intake manifold, head work and compression.

Engle WCF61 or WCF81 CAM
Eaton lifters
Gasket set
Timing chain
(Kit is over 10% savings)

WCF61 WCF81 High Performance ENGLE CAM

WCF61 Cam specifications are:
Lift = 0.440 inches
Running Duration = 256 degrees
Duration @ .050 lift = 210 degrees

Lobe Centers = 112 degrees WCF81 Cam Specifications are:
Lift = 0.458 inches
Running Duration = 260 degrees
Duration @ .050 lift = 216 degrees

Lobe Centers = 112 degrees


This cam works well with modified 2.8 modified engines and especially well with 3.4 engine conversions. It was developed to not make valve spring replacement necessary and utilizes stock push rods.
This cam is not directly available to the consumer from Engle Racing Cam.
Engle Racing Cam has been in the business since 1949. They are one of the highest renown racing cam manufacturers in the business.

This cam performs best with Eaton high performance hydraulic anti pump-up lifters. These are the best aftermarket lifters available anywhere – unfortunately, they are the most expensive. New lifters are a MUST when installing a new camshaft. When removing cam and lifters, lifters must maintain position with each lobe of the cam.

Hard-core enthusiasts might want to install 1.6 to one rockers on the intake valve only for a 5+ HP increase in power. This installation will sacrifice some valve stem wear. The 1.6 to one rockers will open the valve an additional 0.020″. These rockers, installed on the exhaust valves, exhibit a small performance increase.
The performance increase with Roller rockers is minimal with this camshaft, as it is not large enough to benefit from roller rockers. Money is best spent in other areas to achieve better engine performance.

Timing Chain

Replacing the Timing Chain is highly recommended to maintain proper Cam timing.



Depending on engine modifications, you should see a minimum of a 10HP increase.

Cam timing, lift and duration specifications and cam lube are packaged with each camshaft. It is highly recommended that each cam installation be “degreed in” for best performance. Degree wheels are available at your local performance shop.

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