LS4 Alternator Bracket


The West Coast Fiero LS4 Alternator Bracket is a specialized component designed to reposition the alternator in a vehicle. The primary function of this bracket is to move the alternator to a location just above the water pump. This strategic placement ensures that the alternator does not interfere with the deck lid, enhancing the overall functionality and accessibility of the vehicle’s components.

In this configuration, the alternator is turned around, effectively placing it in the same location where the battery is typically found. As a result, the battery needs to be relocated to accommodate the alternator. The most optimal location for the battery, in this case, is at the front of the car. This relocation not only provides space for the alternator but also contributes to better weight distribution across the vehicle, potentially improving its balance and handling.

The design choice to avoid placing the alternator down low, in the same position where the Fiero alternator is usually located, is primarily due to serviceability concerns. If the alternator were positioned in this lower location, it would not be possible to service it without first lowering the cradle, a process that can be time-consuming and complex.

One of the key advantages of this configuration is that it allows for the use of the stock LS4 belt tensioner. This means that the existing belt routing and tensioner can be used without any modifications, simplifying the installation process and ensuring compatibility with the existing vehicle components.

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