3800 Series I Mount and Bracket Kit (AUTO)


The West Coast Fiero 3800 Series I Mount and Bracket Kit (AUTO) is a comprehensive package designed to facilitate the installation of your new 3800 Series I engine and your 3800 automatic transmission into your Fiero. This kit has been meticulously assembled to include all the necessary components required for a smooth and efficient installation process.

The primary component of this kit is the engine mount and bracket. This is a crucial part that securely attaches the engine to the vehicle’s frame, ensuring stability and alignment. It is designed to perfectly fit the 3800 Series I engine, providing a firm and secure hold that can withstand the engine’s power and vibrations.

In addition to the engine mount and bracket, the kit also includes right and left transmission mounts and brackets. These are essential for properly installing your 3800 automatic transmission. The right and left transmission mounts and brackets are designed to secure the transmission in place, aligning it correctly with the engine and the drivetrain. This ensures efficient power transfer from the engine to the wheels of your Fiero

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