3800 Series I Mount and Bracket Kit (MANUAL)


The 3800 Series I Mount and Bracket Kit (MANUAL) is a comprehensive package designed to facilitate the installation of your new 3800 Series I engine into your Fiero. This kit is specifically tailored for those who are using a Fiero manual transmission. It includes all the necessary components to securely bolt your engine and transmission into place.

Here’s a more detailed breakdown of what’s included in the kit:

  1. Engine Mount and Bracket: This is a crucial component that securely attaches your 3800 Series I engine to the frame of your Fiero. The mount and bracket are designed to withstand the vibrations and forces generated by the engine, ensuring a stable and secure fit. They are precision-engineered for compatibility with the 3800 Series I engine, ensuring a seamless fit and optimal performance.
  2. Right and Left Transmission Mounts: These mounts are designed to secure your Fiero’s manual transmission in place. There is one mount for each side of the transmission (right and left), providing balanced support. These mounts are crucial for maintaining the alignment of your transmission, which in turn ensures smooth gear shifts and optimal power transfer from the engine to the wheels.
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