Plug and Play Haltech Sport GM


The Platinum Sport GM is a state-of-the-art plug-in solution designed to optimize the performance of many popular General Motors engines. The West Coast Fiero Plug and Play Haltech Sport GM device is an Engine Control Unit (ECU) that plugs directly into the factory harness, eliminating the need for any rewiring, making it an ideal, hassle-free upgrade.

Here are the detailed features:

  • Plug and Play: The Sport GM ECU is a direct replacement of the OEM ECU. It’s designed to plug directly into the existing wiring harness, eliminating the need for any additional wiring or modifications to the vehicle’s electrical system.
  • Factory Sensors: The ECU utilizes the car’s factory sensors to monitor and control engine functions. This ensures accurate data collection and precise control over the engine’s operating parameters.
  • Software Compatibility: The ECU’s software is compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7. This wide range of compatibility ensures that the ECU can be programmed and monitored using most modern computers.
  • Real-Time Programming: The ECU offers real-time programming capabilities. This means that adjustments to the engine’s operating parameters can be made instantly while the engine is running, without any hesitation or delay.
  • User-Definable Mapping: The ECU provides a fully user-definable 32 x 32 mapping grid. This allows for precise tuning of the engine’s performance characteristics to suit the specific needs of the driver or conditions.
  • Tuning Options: The ECU offers tuning via Volumetric Efficiency (VE), Injection time, or Lambda Correction (MAF). These options provide flexibility in tuning the engine for optimal performance and efficiency.
  • Onboard MAP Sensor: The ECU includes a selectable onboard internal MAP sensor rated to 150kPa. This allows the ECU to accurately measure manifold pressure up to 1.5 Bar or 22psi of boost.
  • Wideband Auto Tuning: The ECU features wideband “auto tuning” capabilities. This feature uses a user-definable target Air Fuel Ratio (AFR) table to automatically adjust the fuel mixture for optimal performance and efficiency.
  • Communication Ports: The ECU includes both a USB and a CAN communication port. These ports allow for easy connection to a computer for programming and data logging, as well as integration with other CAN-based devices in the vehicle.
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