3800 Bonneville Alternator Bracket and Idler Pulley (Rivira, Park Avenue, Bonneville, Lesabre, Regency)


The West Coast Fiero 3800 Bonneville Alternator Bracket and Idler Pulley is a specialized component designed to reposition the alternator in a more convenient location. Specifically, it moves the alternator to a spot just above the water pump. This strategic placement ensures that the alternator does not interfere with the deck lid, enhancing the overall functionality and accessibility of the vehicle’s engine compartment.

This bracket not only relocates the alternator but also rotates it, placing it in the same location where the battery is typically found. As a result of this repositioning, the battery must be relocated. The most optimal location for the battery, considering both convenience and vehicle performance, is at the front of the car. This relocation also contributes to improved weight distribution across the vehicle, which can enhance handling and stability.

The design choice to avoid placing the alternator low in the same location as the original Fiero alternator was made for serviceability reasons. If the alternator were positioned there, it would not be possible to service it without first lowering the cradle, a process that can be time-consuming and potentially require specialized tools or skills.

The pulley bracket is installed in the position previously occupied by the 3800 alternator. This placement was chosen to keep the belt configuration as close to the original setup as possible, which helps maintain the correct belt tension. Proper belt tension is crucial for the efficient operation of the alternator and other engine components driven by the belt. This careful consideration of placement and configuration ensures that the alternator and other engine components function optimally and can be serviced with relative ease.

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