3800 Alternator Bracket and Idler Pulley


The West Coast Fiero 3800 Alternator Bracket and Idler Pulley configuration is a system that aims to simplify the process of installing the factory 3800 alternator in a Fiero. The primary goal of this design is to eliminate the need for notching your deck lid, which is typically required to accommodate the factory 3800 alternator.

This configuration is composed of an aluminum alternator bracket and an Idler pulley. The alternator bracket is designed to hold the 3800 alternator securely in place. The Idler pulley, on the other hand, is a key component that helps maintain the correct belt tension, ensuring optimal performance of the alternator.

One of the main advantages of this configuration is its versatility. It allows for the installation of the 3800 alternator in place of the power steering pump on both manual (stick shift) and automatic Fieros. This flexibility makes it a convenient choice for a wide range of Fiero owners.

The bracket assembly is designed to utilize the stock 3800 alternator, which means there’s no need for a specialized or modified alternator. This not only simplifies the installation process but also helps keep costs down.

The pulley bracket is mounted in the exact location where the 3800 alternator would typically be placed. This strategic placement keeps the belt configuration as close to the original as possible, which is crucial for maintaining the correct belt tension. Proper belt tension is essential for the efficient operation of the alternator and the overall performance of the vehicle.

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