Wiring Harness For Conversions


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West Coast Fiero is a specialized company that manufactures engine wiring harnesses specifically designed for engine conversions. Our expertise lies in taking your existing 2.5 or 2.8 engine harness and seamlessly integrating it with the wiring system of a donor engine. This donor engine could be an LS4, a 3800, or any other engine that you’re planning to use for your conversion project.

The process begins with the elimination of the Fiero’s original computer. Instead, we utilize the computer that comes with the donor engine. This is because the donor computer is already designed to work optimally with the engine, ensuring a smoother and more efficient operation post-conversion.

Next, we meticulously strip the harness to its bare essentials. During this process, we remove all the wires that are not necessary for the conversion. This step is crucial as it eliminates any potential confusion or errors during the installation process, ensuring that only the necessary components are left.

Finally, it’s important to note that the programming of your computer is not included in the base service. This is a separate service that comes at an additional charge. The programming is a critical step in the conversion process as it ensures that the new engine and the vehicle’s existing systems can communicate effectively with each other.

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