Electric Power Steering


The West Coast Fiero (WCF) Electric Power Steering (EPS) unit is a sophisticated piece of equipment designed to enhance the driving experience. It operates on its own dedicated circuit, drawing a nominal current of 8 Amps. This ensures that the EPS unit functions independently, without interfering with other electrical systems in the vehicle.

One of the key features of the WCF EPS unit is the adjustment potentiometer, often referred to as an ‘adjustment pot’. This component allows the driver to fine-tune the level of steering assistance provided by the EPS unit. By adjusting this pot, drivers can customize the feel of the steering to match their personal preference or the driving conditions.

The heart of the WCF EPS system is the electric power head. This is a remanufactured unit that has been expertly modified to be compatible with the Fiero steering system. This ensures that the EPS unit integrates seamlessly with the existing steering mechanism, providing smooth and responsive power-assisted steering.

The WCF full-time Electric Power Steering kit is a comprehensive package that includes everything you need to upgrade your vehicle’s steering system. The kit contains:

  1. Steering Column Adapter: This component connects the EPS unit to the existing steering column.
  2. Power Steering Head: This is the remanufactured and modified unit that provides the power-assisted steering.
  3. Electronic Control Unit (ECU): This is the ‘brain’ of the EPS system, controlling its operation and responding to inputs from the driver.
  4. Wiring: The kit includes all the necessary wiring to connect the EPS unit to your vehicle’s electrical system.

In addition to supplying the EPS kit, WCF also offers an installation service for a small additional charge. This service includes fitting the EPS unit to your existing steering column, ensuring a professional and secure installation. This can be a great option if you’re not comfortable performing the installation yourself. It ensures that the EPS unit is installed correctly and functioning at its best, providing you with the improved steering response and feel that you’re looking for.

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