Battery Relocation Kit


The West Coast Fiero Battery Relocation Kit is a specially designed battery box that has been custom made to fit perfectly under the spare tire located in the front compartment of the vehicle. The design is such that it utilizes the space under the spare tire, which is often left unused, thereby optimizing the use of space within the vehicle.

The placement of the battery box in this location has a significant advantage. It leaves the entire battery area in the engine compartment unoccupied. This free space can then be utilized for housing ignition electronics. The ignition electronics are critical components in the functioning of the vehicle, and having a dedicated space for them ensures that they can be arranged neatly and accessed easily.

The inside dimension of this custom-made battery box is precisely 10-1/8 inches. This size has been chosen to accommodate not only the stock battery that comes with the vehicle but also ‘Optima’ style batteries. The ‘Optima’ style batteries are known for their performance and durability, and many vehicle owners prefer to use them. Therefore, the battery box has been designed keeping in mind the preferences of the users.

In addition to the battery box, the package also includes extended battery cables. These cables are longer than the standard ones and are provided to ensure that the battery box, which is located in a different compartment, can be connected to the engine without any issues. The extended cables provide flexibility in routing and ensure a secure and efficient connection between the battery and the engine.

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