Door Still Kick Plate


The West Coast Fiero Door Sill Kick Plate is a custom accessory specifically tailored for your Fiero. This unique addition is crafted from a single piece of aluminum, ensuring a seamless and robust construction that is built to last.

The kick plate’s primary function is to protect the door sill from everyday wear and tear, but it does more than just that. It significantly enhances the aesthetic appeal of your Fiero, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to its interior. The polished aluminum surface of the kick plate reflects light beautifully, creating a striking visual effect every time you open the car door.

What sets this kick plate apart is its ease of installation. It comes with double-back tape, allowing you to securely attach it to the door sill without the need for any complex tools or procedures. This not only makes the installation process straightforward but also ensures that the kick plate can be easily removed when necessary.

The removable nature of the kick plate is particularly beneficial when it comes to maintenance. Over time, the polished aluminum surface may lose its shine due to exposure to the elements. However, the kick plate can be easily detached, polished to restore its original luster, and reattached, ensuring that your Fiero always looks its best.

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