3800 Coil Pack Relocation Bracket


The 3800 Coil Pack Relocation Bracket serves a crucial role in the engine setup. It is designed to securely mount three coils. The location of this mounting is not arbitrary but carefully chosen. It is remotely positioned on the strut tower, right next to the C 500 connector. Alternatively, it can also be installed on the inner fender, a location that becomes available when the battery is relocated.

This strategic relocation of the coil pack is not without its benefits. The 3800 Coil Pack Relocation Bracketplaces the coil pack in one of the most thermally optimal locations within the engine compartment. This area is known for its cooler temperatures, which can contribute to the longevity and performance of the coil pack.

However, this modification does require some additional work from the builder. Custom spark plug wires will need to be fabricated to accommodate this new setup. Fortunately, the necessary wire kits can be conveniently purchased at any local auto parts store. It’s worth noting that wire kits designed for V8 engines tend to be a good fit for this purpose, as they are typically longer than those made for 6-cylinder engines. This extra length can be quite beneficial in reaching the newly positioned coil pack.

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