3800 Alternator Bracket and Idler Pulley 98 GP and 97 /98 Regal only


The West Coast Fiero Grand Prix 3800 Alternator Bracket and Idler Pulley is a specialized component designed to reposition the alternator in a more convenient location. Specifically, it moves the alternator to a spot just above the water pump, ensuring it doesn’t interfere with the deck lid.

This bracket has the unique feature of rotating the alternator, placing it in the same location where the battery is originally situated. As a result, the battery needs to be relocated. The most optimal position for the battery, considering both accessibility and vehicle balance, is at the front of the car. This relocation also contributes to a more balanced weight distribution across the vehicle, enhancing its stability and handling.

The design decision to avoid placing the alternator down low, where the Fiero alternator is typically located, was made to facilitate easier servicing. If the alternator were positioned in the lower area, it would be impossible to service without first lowering the cradle, a time-consuming and potentially complex task.

The Pulley bracket is installed in the original position of the 3800 alternator. This strategic placement maintains the belt configuration as close to the original setup as possible, ensuring the correct belt tension is preserved. This is crucial for the smooth operation of the vehicle’s mechanical systems and for preventing premature wear and tear on the belt.

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