3800 Supercharged Series III Cold Air Intake System


The West Coast Fiero 3800 Supercharged Series III Cold Air Intake System is a top-tier, custom-designed cold air intake system specifically tailored for the 3800 supercharged V6 engine in your Fiero. This system is renowned for its superior quality and performance-enhancing capabilities.

The construction of this system is robust and durable, made out of 3-inch, 16 gauge steel. This diameter is not a random choice, but a deliberate design decision to match the air intake diameter of your throttle body. This ensures optimal compatibility and performance, allowing for a seamless fit and efficient airflow.

The positioning of the air cleaner is another key feature of this system. It is strategically located in the fender-well, just behind the air scoop. This placement allows for the maximum amount of cool, dense air to be drawn into the engine, which is crucial for optimal combustion and engine performance.

This system is not just for the average 3800 engine. It is designed to provide ample air for even the most heavily modified 3800 engines, those with performance-enhancing modifications such as cams, head work, and open exhaust. This makes it a versatile choice for a wide range of performance needs.

When you receive this unit, it will be in its raw steel form, ready for paint. This gives you the freedom to customize its appearance to match your vehicle or personal preference. Additionally, the unit comes with a performance air filter. This high-quality filter is designed to provide excellent filtration efficiency while minimizing restriction of air flow, further enhancing the performance of your engine.

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