Hi-Flo Fuel Pump


When you’re looking to upgrade your Fiero to a high output engine, one of the essential components you’ll need to consider is the WCF Hi-Flo Fuel Pump. This fuel pump is specifically designed to meet the increased fuel demands of high output engines.

In a standard Fiero, the fuel pump operates at a pressure of 50 PSI and has a delivery rate of 16 gallons per hour. This is sufficient for the needs of the stock engine, but may not be adequate when you’re pushing the engine to produce more power.

The WCF Hi-Flo Fuel Pump comes in two variants to cater to different levels of engine output. The first variant is the high flow fuel pump. This pump operates at a slightly higher pressure of 51 PSI, a marginal increase from the stock pump. However, the significant change is in the delivery rate, which is boosted to 24 gallons per hour. This represents a 50% increase over the stock pump, allowing for a greater volume of fuel to be delivered to the engine.

For those looking to push their engines even further, the WCF Hi-Flo Fuel Pump also comes in an ultra-high flow variant. This pump maintains the same pressure of 51 PSI but significantly increases the delivery rate to 50 gallons per hour. This is more than three times the delivery rate of the stock pump, ensuring that even in high fuel demand situations, your engine will not be starved of fuel.

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