Fly by Wire Foot Throttle Adapter Bracket


The WCF Throttle Bracket Adapter Plate is for use of fly-by-wire setups. This allows the install of fly-by-wire foot throttle from their donor car to the Fiero for any engine swap. This bracket is essential for some late model 3800 and LS4s. These engines are usually fly-by-wire and require a bracket to mount their foot throttle into their Fiero swap.

The WCF Throttle Bracket adapter plate is easy to install and provides a secure mounting point for the foot throttle. With this bracket, the user can install their fly-by-wire foot throttle and enjoy a smooth driving experience. It is a high-quality product that is built to last and provides excellent value for money with quality workmanship. This is an effective solution to your fly-by-wire foot throttle installation needs.

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