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The West Coast Fiero LS4 Series Headers are a specialized product designed for specific applications in automotive engine modification. These headers are constructed from either stainless steel or regular steel, both known for their durability and resistance to heat, which are essential qualities in the high-temperature environment of an engine compartment.

The dimensions of these headers are 1-3/4 inches, which refers to the diameter of the pipes. This size is a common standard in the industry, providing a balance between performance and fit. The thickness of the material used in these headers is 16 gauge, a measure of the steel’s thickness. A 16 gauge thickness is robust enough to withstand the pressures and temperatures within an engine while not being so thick as to be cumbersome or overly heavy.

These headers are specifically designed to facilitate the installation of the LS Series engines into the small engine compartment of the Fiero, a mid-engined sports car that was produced by General Motors from 1983 to 1988. The compact nature of the Fiero’s engine compartment presents unique challenges for engine modification, and these headers are designed to meet those challenges.

One of the distinctive features of these headers is that they are only available with Marmon clamps. Marmon clamps are a type of heavy-duty clamp often used in high-pressure applications such as turbochargers. They provide a secure and leak-free connection, which is vital in an engine’s exhaust system.

The West Coast Fiero LS4 Series Headers come with new header bolts for installation.

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