13″ Brake Kit and Brake Components

West Coast Fiero (WCF) takes pride in offering some of the most expansive big brake kits on the market for the Fiero. This range of options empowers customers with the freedom to choose from an array of esteemed brands, including Brembo, Viper, and Corvette. Each of these kits has been meticulously designed and tested to ensure optimal performance.


These kits are particularly suited for those who are planning to drive their Fiero aggressively, especially with performance engine conversions. They offer enhanced stopping power and control, ensuring that your vehicle can handle the increased demands of a high-performance engine.


In addition to the brake kits themselves, WCF also provides mounting hardware. This is a thoughtful inclusion for those who prefer a hands-on, DIY approach to their vehicle upgrades. It allows enthusiasts to personally engage with their vehicle’s enhancement process, adding a layer of personal satisfaction to the improved performance of their Fiero. In essence, WCF offers a comprehensive solution for those seeking to significantly upgrade their Fiero’s braking system.

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