13″ Front / 14″ Rear Brembo Brake Kit


Developed for the Kit-car enthusiast, the West Coast Fiero  13″ Front / 14″ Rear Brembo Brake Kit finishes the look and feel for their authentic type Kit-car. This brake is designed to work with the 18″ wheels, normally found on a variety of Ferrari and Lamborghini kits. Besides being authentic Brembo calipers, this brake kit has the best biasing from front to rear over all other kits offered. This kit has 4 piston calipers front and rear that are designed to work with rear engine cars, adding more braking to the rear, keeping the brake bias correct while braking. This kit is equipped with individual rear, spot-type mechanical emergency brake calipers.

Minimum wheel diameter of 18″

Two piece rotor upgrade available at an additional charge for the above brake package.

This two piece package consists of rotor and hat. The rotors come slotted. Pattern drilling is an additional charge. .

These rotor and hat weigh in at 10.7 lbs per unit as compared to 27 lbs for the one piece rotor. This greatly reduces your unsprung weight.

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