13″ Dodge Viper Brake Kit


With the West Coast Fiero 13″ Dodge Viper Brake Kit, the vented 13″ rotors are a significant upgrade for your vehicle, especially if you have a minimum of 17″ rims. These larger rotors not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle, but they also provide a substantial improvement in braking performance.

This brake system upgrade will increase your vehicle’s stopping power by an impressive 30% compared to the stock brake system from 1988. This is achieved while still utilizing the original 1988 front and rear calipers and hubs, ensuring compatibility and ease of installation.

One of the key advantages of these larger rotors in the 13″ Dodge Viper Brake Kit is the reduction in brake fade. Brake fade, which can occur during high-speed stopping due to the buildup of heat, is minimized with these larger rotors. This provides peace of mind and instills confidence when you need to stop quickly at high speeds.

Included in this upgrade are two hub-centric rings. These rings are crucial for aligning the rotors to the Fiero hub, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance.

In addition to the standard upgrade, a two-piece rotor upgrade is available for an additional charge. This package includes a rotor and a hat, with the rotors coming pre-slotted for improved performance.

One of the standout features of this two-piece package is the significant weight reduction. Each rotor and hat unit weighs in at just 10.7 lbs, compared to the hefty 27 lbs of the one-piece rotor. This reduction in unsprung weight can improve handling and ride quality, making this upgrade a worthwhile investment for performance-minded drivers.

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