13″ Corvette/Dodge Viper Brake Kit


The West Coast Fiero 13″ Corvette/Dodge Viper Brake Kit is the pinnacle of our brake kit offerings, boasting the highest stopping power among all our products. This kit is specifically designed with 13″ rotors, a size that allows for superior heat dissipation compared to other brake kits on the market.

The kit includes 13″ rotors and front double piston calipers, which are integrated into a comprehensive brake package for the Fiero. This combination is unparalleled in performance, making it the only 13″ brake kit using Corvette components that are specifically fabricated for your Fiero.

The West Coast Fiero 13″ Corvette/Dodge Viper Brake Kit is designed with the ultimate Fiero enthusiast in mind, particularly those who participate in track and autocross events. One of the key benefits of this kit is the peace of mind it provides. You can confidently bring your Fiero to a stop from triple-digit speeds with virtually no fade or heating.

The rear calipers in this kit are equipped with emergency brake components. These have been custom modified to fit seamlessly with the Fiero’s parking braking system. The kit comes complete with all necessary mounting hardware and detailed instructions for installation.

Please note that this brake kit requires a minimum wheel diameter of 17″.

For those seeking an upgrade, we offer a two-piece rotor package at an additional charge. This package includes a rotor and hat, with the rotors coming pre-slotted.

One of the key advantages of this two-piece package is its weight. Each rotor and hat unit weighs in at just 10.7 lbs, compared to the 27 lbs of the one-piece rotor. This significant reduction in weight greatly reduces your vehicle’s unsprung weight, contributing to improved handling and performance.

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