12″ Brake Kit and Brake Components

When it comes to the art of transforming Pontiac Fieros, a significant part of the process often involves enhancing the braking system. This upgrade is crucial to handle the amplified power and heightened performance that these conversions bring. For those who are serious about their driving, whether they’re seasoned drivers or car aficionados, we highly recommend our 12-inch brake kits.


These kits are not just any ordinary brake kits. They are meticulously designed and engineered to meet the demands of high-performance driving. We understand that every driver has unique preferences, and with that in mind, we offer a variety of brand-name kits. Among these are the renowned Brembo and Wilwood kits, known for their superior quality and performance.


In addition to these, we also provide our exclusive in-house WCF kits. These kits are inspired by and based on the iconic Corvette, offering a blend of performance and style. Each kit is crafted with precision, ensuring that your Pontiac Fiero conversion not only looks impressive but also performs at its best. So, whether you’re cruising down the highway or taking sharp turns, you can trust these brake kits to deliver the stopping power you need.

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