12″ Corvette Brake Kit


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In the 12″ Corvette Brake Kit, We incorporate the real Corvette 12 inch rotors and front double piston calipers into a brake package for the Fiero that is surpassed by none. At least 16″ wheels are required to clear the calipers. This is the ONLY real Corvette kit on the market that is custom designed for your Fiero. We have road tested the 12″ Corvette Brake Kit with superb stopping power. The larger Corvette pads with the vented rotor gives you the ultimate security in stopping power with minimal heating and fading compared to the standard 9″ brake system. This is the stopping power you need, especially if you have replaced your engine with a larger upgrade. It’s one thing to be able to get up to speed with that hot power plant you have, but the security of knowing that you can bring your Fiero back down from that speed is called peace of mind. As these same brakes, used on a Corvette, can stop a car weighing a thousand pounds more than the Fiero very effectively, then you can be well assured that they will stop your Fiero. All mounting hardware and instructions included.

The hubs are Fiero front hubs with the disks machined off. These modified hubs will increase the track width of the Fiero by 5/16″ per-side. The modified hubs are required on the front only. The 1988 Fiero do not require these hubs. The rotors are used on the Chevrolet Corvette C4. They are re-drilled to the Fiero 5 / 100 bolt pattern. Front caliper is a aluminum, dual piston, from a C4 Corvette. The rear caliper is an aluminum, single piston, from a C4 Corvette. The parking brake is still used on this system without modification of the cable. These specially designed mounting brackets adapt the Corvette anchor plates to the Fiero spindles. Concentric rings are specially designed to keep the rotors running concentric with the hubs. Although mounting hardware is not shown in this picture, it is included with the 12″ Corvette Brake Kit.

Two piece rotor upgrade available at an additional charge for the above brake package.
This two piece package consists of rotor and hat. The rotors come slotted.
These rotor and hat weigh in at 10.7 lbs per unit as compared to 27 lbs for the one piece rotor. This greatly reduces your unsprung weight.

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