12″ Corvette Brake Mounting Hardware


The West Coast Fiero (WCF) 12″ Corvette Brake Mounting Hardware is a specialized product that has been meticulously designed to optimize your vehicle’s braking performance. The unique design of this hardware allows the brake pads to extend right up to the edge of the rotor. This strategic positioning of the pads enhances the contact area with the rotor, thereby maximizing the stopping power of your vehicle.

If you prefer to purchase your own calipers and rotors, WCF offers the flexibility to buy the mounting hardware separately. This gives you the freedom to customize your brake system according to your preferences and requirements.

For owners of the 1988 Fiero model intending to use the Corvette front brake brackets, it’s important to note that these brackets need to be machined for clearance. This is due to the fact that the Corvette bracket interferes with the 1988 Fiero’s caliper mounts.

You have two options to address this issue. You can either choose to machine the brackets yourself if you have the necessary tools and expertise, or you can avail of WCF’s machining service. WCF offers to machine the Corvette brackets for a fee of $75.00, providing a convenient solution for those who prefer not to do it themselves.

As for the rear brackets, they are designed to fit perfectly without any modifications. This means you can install them directly onto your vehicle, saving you time and effort. This thoughtful design consideration ensures a smooth and hassle-free installation process.

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